About company

For more than 9 years we have been creating and developing successful websites in the market of Ukraine and Russia. Our company has developed search engine Otpusk.com, which aggregates tours from over a hundred operators into a database of over half a billion records. This complex project runs on 11 servers. In our portfolio you will also find TurPravda.com — reviews website, one of the ten most popular sites in Russia.

MoiTuristy is our new major project, in which we have invested our knowledge, experience and qualifications. This is a representative of a new generation "cloud" services, which step by step are replacing the Windows applications. The advantages are obvious - you are not tied to the office, you do not need to install and update the application, it takes 10-20 minutes to master the system, depending on your experience.

Support phone number in Russia — 8 (495) 649-61-57, in Ukraine — (044) 364-61-71.