CRM system and tour search for travel agencies that want to do business at the highest level.

You do the sales, and MoiTuristy are taking care of the routine and accounting.

Attractive features
Professional tour search Tourscanner
Tours selections to messengers and emails
Accounting for leads, contracts, payments and communication
Digital contract signing
Card payment processing
Passport recognition
by photo
Bookings downloading from TO websites
IP telephony integration
Current contracts of all operators
CRM and tour search in your mobile

Our system mobile version fast
and conveniently works on any phone.


Reports by sources, by managers, by countries and operators. Sales in profile, in front, from top to bottom and from inside to outside. Just all the sales for the month. We have more reports than you can think of — master one a day!

CRM-Мои Туристы отлично подходит для компании которая занимается туризмом. Продуманы мелкие детали, классные удобные фишки которые очень ускоряют и облегчают работу турагенту!
Вера Краснопольская
Директор турагентства «Мир Туризма» г. Казань
Мы оценили преимущества работы CRM не сразу, «набивали руку» примерно месяц, но зато теперь не представляем как работать без нее! Все под контролем- для меня ,как для директора, это очень важно!
Екатерина Островская
Директор турагентства «Путешествуйте с нами» г. Нижневартовск
С тех пор как, мы начали работать в CRM Мои Туристы, наша работа стала более быстрой, более эффективной и более профессиональной. Риск что-то забыть или потерять какой-то контакт свели к минимуму. Каждый сотрудник может быстро найти то, что нужно и нет больше необходимости, все записывать на листочках (которые всегда теряются))) Спасибо ребятам за классный продукт!
Елена Косикова
Директор турагентства «Мир в ладони» г. Москва
Мы выбрали CRM Мои Туристы среди многих в которых работали за ориентированность на туризм, за четкость и продуманность работы всех процессов продажи, за удобство использования и приятную глазу графику. Довольны СРМ будем теперь только с вами!
Надежда Игнатьева
Директор турагентства «Краски Мира» г. Тюмень
Отличная система! Рады что нашли то, что искали! Работа нашей компании стала куда более быстрой и презентабельной! Очень удобная система, многие процессы можно настроить один раз и больше не тратить на них время. Ребята из CRM Мои Туристы молодцы, постоянно что-то совершенствуют! Так держать!
Светлана Королева
Директор турагентства «Краски Мира» «Остров Земля» г. Москва
Safety comes first

We have already been on the market for 18 years, which means we can be trusted. Your data is stored on secure servers and under no circumstances will it be shared with third parties. Managers see only their customers. The director sees and controls everything.

About company

More than 9 years we create and develop successful sites in the Ukrainian market. Our company has developed a search engine, which aggregates tours of over a hundred operators into a database of over half a billion records. This complex project runs on 11 servers. is also in our portfolio - a review site, which is one of the ten most popular sites in Ukraine.

MoiTuristy is our new major project, in which we have invested our knowledge, experience and qualifications. This is a representative of a new generation "cloud" services, which step by step are replacing the Windows applications. The advantages are obvious - you are not tied to the office, you do not need to install and update the application, it takes 10-20 minutes to master the system, depending on your experience.


CRM is a program that stores data about your customers, and automates the work of the company. You can generate a contract in one click, create reports, bill clients, record payments, requests, reservations, set reminders about who and when to call or write. Depending on the system the set of tools and capabilities may be different, but they always have the same goal - to increase the efficiency of managers' work. A nice bonus is the transparency of the company for the head of the travel agency. The system stores the entire history of relations with the client, and all aspects of the company's work can be analyzed using reports.

"MoiTuristy" is a cloud CRM-system specifically designed for the travel business. The system well reflects all the stages of work with the tourist, all the nuances and complexities of travel agency. We have created a system that takes over most of the routine processes of your company, every "touch" with the tourist is reflected in the system. CRM has all the necessary tools that significantly facilitate the work of the travel agent, as well as make it more professional and efficient.

Quickly start using CRM MoiTuristy will help our training videos, as well as our technical support, which is always ready to help.


No one but you have access to your CRM account data. Only you know your password! Servers are located in Germany, in a huge, modern, secure data center.

Backups are performed twice a day, on another physical server. In addition, you can make a backup copy of all data to your computer in Excel format at any time.

How to use

To get started in the system, register for free. You don't have to pay anything at the registration, we give you the opportunity to use the full functionality of the program for 3 days for free. After your trial period, you'll be able to upgrade to a paid subscription for a monthly or annual fee.


Our CRM for travel agencies includes:

  • —  A tool for selecting tours Tourscanner — a meta-search system for all tour operators in Ukraine.
  • — Send beautiful mobile selections to your tourists in Viber, Telegram, or text messages.
  • — Build your own hotel collections, for a more accurate and convenient search.
  • — Search for charter tickets.
  • — Automatic health card filling tool.
  • — Tool for importing tourist requests from tour operators' websites.
  • — Scanning service for passports.
  • — Service for signing an electronic contract with a tourist online, via SMS or the Diia app.
  • — Integration with: Facebook, Instagram, IP-telephony, E-mail, search modules.
  • — Issue invoices to tourists for online payment by card.
  • — E-mail and SMS sending service.
  • — And much, much more…

After a free registration on the website, you get to a personal cabinet, where you have all the above features. There's no need to make any additional adjustments or installations. Our cloud CRM system will be available to you on any device with a web browser and a reliable Internet connection.

Service payments

You can pay by card or via bank transfer. If you are not satisfied with the system, you can get a full refund of the last payment within 3 days after the payment.

We delight every morning when we see three thousand managers come into MoiTuristy to conduct their business and clients!